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The importance of good marketing is often overlooked, it is fundamental to the success of your business; and as a business it’s critical that you understand your market, the competition and your customers.

Knowing your target customer – who they are, what they want and what attracts them gives you the understanding and insight on how best to position your product / service in a way that appeals to your customers.

Marketing is more than just advertising it’s about how you connect with your customers, the communication channels you use, and the branding that goes with it. It shapes your product, it influences your service; ultimately it affects how you do business. Getting the fundamentals wrong can have a big impact on your business. Your brand may not connect with your target customers, your promotional activity may not drive the response you expected; and you may struggle to differentiate your business from your competitors.

Marketing doesn’t need to be expensive or complex, but effective marketing can significantly improve your businesses performance, drive sales and attract new business.


How we can help

At Herringbone we can help you with your marketing.  How much we do is up to you – we are flexible.  Whether you need help developing your company’s marketing plan or deliver some promotional activity in the form of Direct Mail or Advertising then we can offer you a cost effective and efficient solutions to help promote and grow your business.

We can work on a per project basis or on an hourly / weekly rate if you require professional help on an ongoing basis. If you’re interested to know what Herringbone can do for your company’s marketing get in touch.

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