Who we are …

As a boutique creative agency, we work for major high street names and small consultancies alike. We have worked on pivotal new product launches, delivered industry leading Direct Marketing, developed online communication channels, designed distinctive & unique creative and a whole lot of other great stuff as well!

It’s safe to say that over the years we have accumulated heaps of experience, working with big companies and small ones alike. Whether it’s a new logo design, creating some marketing literature, building a website or a full-blown marketing campaign we can help.

What we do …

Herringbone is a full service creative, design & marketing agency based in Somerset. We develop brands, design logos, manage print, build websites, create retail interiors and much more….


How we do it …

Our broad experience means we can create intelligent and engaging solutions that look great and help your business stand out from the crowd.

We always enjoy a challenge and we are never short on great ideas about how we can maximise your marketing budget. All of our work is shaped with marketing insight – we balance great design with practical marketing application to ensure that whatever we create works for you and your business.  Big or small – at the end of the day we want your business to succeed, we treat every project with the same focus and attention to detail ensuring we only deliver great creative & intelligent marketing.

We like to provide a personal service, we don’t use jargon and we keep it simple and stress free! Our clients also say we are nice people to deal with!  So if you’re interested in finding out how we can help you just drop us a line – we are always happy to chat!


More about us

James Bullock

For over 20 years now, James has been obsessing over great design with meticulous attention to detail. If that’s not enough, he is also a marketing and brand specialist – after all, for great design to work you must first have a clear marketing objective and means to deliver, one does not work without the other.

Joanna Cook

For longer than she can remember, Jo has also been obsessing over design. Her specialty is crossing over from design and marketing into a more tangible format – interior design. Often the more forgotten aspect of design, Jo believes that your office or shop should reflect your brand just as much as a company brochure or magazine advert.

Gorgeous George

George joined the team a couple of years ago as general dogsbody. His specialty is demolishing a toy in under 60 seconds and can often be found wondering around the office looking for ear rubs and biscuits.

Partners & Associates

We have a trusted team of partners & associates who enable us to provide a broad range of services that you would expect from a full service creative agency.


As a full service creative, design & marketing agency our clients have included SME’s as well as new business start ups across a broad range of industries. Over the years, Herringbone has helped clients to:

Create company logos  –  Develop a brand identity  –  Rebrand  –  Develop a web presence  –  Build marketing plans & execute them  –  Develop innovative communications  –  Create customer friendly literature  –  Grow their business & acquire new clients – Design retail interiors

Some of the companies we have worked with

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Call us on 07738 27 85 60  / 01934 24 83 89 or Email hello@herringbone-creative.co.uk


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